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One evolution of the “blog” model has been the rise of New Media outlets.  Content Management Systems have placed the power to publish on the internet in the hands of a broader and broader segment of the online community. One manifestation of this is the rise of virtual newspapers and magazines specializing in just about any topic, area or niche you can imagine.  Not to be outdone, many traditional, physical publications have created online versions to keep existing readers and attract new ones.

WordPress can facilitate this model with magazine and newspaper style themes which takes some of the tried and proven techniques of print and coupling them with the advantages of Content Management such as nearly infinite back articles, powerful search, syndication, collaboration and instant editing.

The theme we are looking at today is Magazine Basic.  It’s a clean theme with plenty of white space and room for customization.  The front page features news blocks that are reminiscent of a newspaper. These allow several lead articles in a relatively small space, each with its own featured image if you like.  This approach really helps to “de-blog” the look usually found on some WordPress sites.

Two side columns can host navigational, informational and organizational elements or they can be enhanced with advertising in the case of sponsored publications. An additional, high-visibility space for advertising also exists in the header next to the site title and slogan.

Enterprising WordPress users can enhance this very basic theme. Some thoughts that come to mind include:

  • Social syndication and sharing
  • Subscription features
  • Newsletter/Digest email
  • Enhanced SEO capabilities

All of which are available as enhancements to It’s WordPress’s Premium WordPress Packages or as Add-ons and Enhancements to your existing WordPress site.

This is not to say the theme is lacking for missing these built-in features, but rather it allows users to adopt their preferred solution for capability and features from among the vast market of WordPress extensions.

Would you like to give your site a new look and feel with a fresh WordPress theme?  We provide professional services to assess your site for upgradeability, test for possible conflicts and offer solutions. Contact us today with your needs for a free initial estimate.



I'm the front-man of It's WordPress. I come from a diverse array of backgrounds, enjoying the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and skill set by re-inventing myself. I enjoy environments that focus on emerging information, technology and concepts. I put on the technical hat in my early 20s and never really looked back. I'm love technology and the internet, as well as the outdoors and avidly hike, kayak and camp every chance I get.

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